A Few Free eCommerce Website Templates that Everyone should take into Consideration

If you want to do business online, then you will probably need an eCommerce website. If you take a look at the offers found on the Internet, you will conclude that people today can buy almost anything on the World Wide Web. Even businesses with just a few employees have their own online stores and many of them are shipping their products around the globe. It seems that almost every person is interested in opening an online store. In order to make things simpler, some web developers have decided to create free eCommerce templates.

With the help of these free eCommerce website templates, you will be able to save some time and money. Remember that the templates serve as skins for the website. Due to the fact that there are dozens of templates out there, we have decided to make a list of the most popular ones.

Cornerstone Light

Cornerstone Light is a completely responsive template that can be used in many different industries and by different types of brands. This is a neat and simple to use template. Adding products, logo and branding elements won’t take much time thanks to Cornerstone Light.


Bella is an eCommerce template based on CSS3 and HTML5. This is a responsive template that is mostly used by fashion shops, handmade stores, furniture shops and some fashion blogs. What’s great about it is that users can customize it in a simple way.

Online Store Template

Online Store Template might have a simple name, but this is actually a fully functional template. It is a perfect solution for those planning on selling furniture online. Of course, some other eCommerce activities can be conducted with the help of this template too. On top of that, this is a completely free template.


When you take a look at Venus for the first time, you will probably notice the clean and neat design. The fresh look makes it perfect for online fashion stores. This free template was made with the help of CSS3 and HTML5.


This is a great template for online stores that have tons of products. It allows customers to find the things they are looking for by selecting price, brand and other elements that define the product. If you are thinking about efficiency and user-friendliness, give Digital a try. We are sure you’ll like it.

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